Type: Commercial

MLS #: 28-852

Price: $139,900

​Total Sq Ft: 5,250

Lot Size: 100' x 130'

Type: Single Family

MLS #: 28-863

Price: $399,500

Total Bedrooms: 3

Total Bathrooms: 3

Total Sq Ft: 4,206

Type: Single Family

MLS #: 28-881

Price: $96,900

Total Bedrooms: 2

Total Bathrooms: 1

512 2nd St SE Watertown, SD 57201

Black Hills Cabin For Sale

11 4th Ave SW Watertown, SD 57201

Type: Single Family

MLS #: 28-875

Price: $74,900

Total Bedrooms: 3

​Total Bathrooms: 1

​Total Sq Ft: 1,482

21354 Sleighride Loop, Lead, SD 57754

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423 4th St NE Watertown, SD 57201

121 Main St. Castlewood, SD 57233

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Type: Single Family

MLS #: 28-883

Price: $207,900

Total Bedrooms: 5

Total Bathrooms: 3

1119 22nd St NE Watertown, SD 57201

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Type: Commercial 

MLS #: 28-873

Price: $59,000

Lot Size: 1.14 acres

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Buying a home is the second-most stressful event in our lives. A home is not a home because of its room dimensions or the color of the walls. It is about how you feel when you walk through the front door. And the way you can instantly envision your life unfolding there.

If you are looking to
sell or buy residential real estate or commercial real estate in Watertown, South Dakota or the surrounding area,  our team has the experience, expertise and knowledge to assist you in any transaction.  We collaborate our experience and knowledge in real estate, construction, and marketing to provide our clients and customers with a high level of service.

Whether you are looking as a first time home buyer or an experienced commercial investor, our team has the tools to allow for a smooth transaction.

1300 SE Ave 13th Watertown, SD 57201

1342 16th St NE Watertown, SD 57201

Type: 4 Plex

MLS #: 28-872

Price: $155,000

Total Units: 4

Total Sq Ft: 2,284

Commercial Properties

1056 29th St SE Watertown, SD 57201


​(Broker Owned)

Type: Commercial

MLS #: 28-874

Price: $14/sq ft

Total Sq Ft: 1,427

Type: Single Family

MLS #: 28-876

Price: $429,000

​Acres: 6.31

Total Bedrooms: 5

Total Bathrooms: 3

Total Sq Ft: 3,478